Financial jargon explained

Here you’ll find a simple explanation of some of the most commonly used investment terms. If there is any other financial jargon you want translated, please call our Customer Service Team free on 0800 597 2525 or email us at and they will be pleased to help.



Market risk

The risk that is common to an entire class of assets or liabilities (eg. a movement in interest rates in relation to bonds that may cause their prices to rise or fall, or economic changes affecting stock market sentiment causing prices to rise or fall).


Medium-dated Government stock (gilts), i.e. with a life between 5 and 15 years.

Mid-Market Price

The mid price is the value midway between the selling – bid price – and the buying – offer price.

Mixed Asset Funds

Funds which invest in a range of investments, typically Shares, bonds and Cash. The mix varies depending on the Fund objectives.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering is the process by which criminally obtained money is exchanged for 'clean' money with no obvious link to their criminal origins.

Willis Owen takes its Money Laundering responsibilities very seriously - further details can be found within our Terms of Business

Monthly Savings Plan

Allows you to invest generally small amounts of money every month.

Multi-Manager Fund

A multi-manager Fund is designed to increase diversification by outsourcing proportions of the Fund to be invested by a number of different managers.