About us

In 1982 we began helping people take the first step into their financial future. And while we've acted as intermediary for over 150,000 customers and hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investments, we know that what you're really investing in are the little things.

  • Packing your bag for the holiday you’ve always talked about
  • The look on your daughter’s face when she sees her first car
  • Popping the champagne cork to ring in your early retirement.

Because personal investing is all about people. The opportunities you can create, the adventures you can have, the security you can provide.

At Willis Owen, our most valuable investment is our staff. The people who show you the ropes, teach you the lingo and help you to become a confident investor.

Because you need more than just access to ISAs, SIPPs, Junior ISAs and GIAs. You need more than a wide range of Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and ETFs. You need to team up with people who know what self investing is like, whether you're a first timer or a seasoned pro.

We know that experience is the one thing you can’t buy. So although we are not able to give personal advice, we’ll give you all the help we can and the tools you’ll need to shape your own financial future. And, if you need to talk there’s no frustrating automated system we’ll always pick up the phone.

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