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Discover a new world of tax free saving by investing in an ISA

  • Fully online application and servicing process
  • This year's ISA allowance is £15,240 for tax year 2016/17
  • Your gains are tax free
  • All income received is tax free
  • Access to Funds, Shares, ETF and Investment Trusts
  • UK Residents over 18 are eligible
  • Junior ISAs available for those under 18 - explore the options

Invest in our New Platform for a great service at a competitive price

  • A fully online investing proposition for ISA, GIA and SIPP
  • Total platform fee tiered as follows:
    • 0.40% up to £50,000
    • 0.30% between £50,001 - £100,000
    • 0.20% between £100,001 - £250,000
    • 0.15% above £250,000
  • Access to Funds, Shares, ETF and Investment Trusts
  • Trade Equities for only £7.50 and Funds for free

Search and research funds and gain easy access to performance and fund information

  • Fund Space enables you to search and compare fund information, allowing you to thoroughly research existing or potential funds for your portfolio.
  • Access a comprehensive Fund Factsheet and Interactive Chart to track performance of one or more funds
  • Access the Key Investor Information Document, Annual Statements, Prospectus and much more

Create your fantasy portfolio or clone your existing portfolio to review and tweak its performance

  • Instant access to our latest fund research, valuations and performance charts
  • Allows you to monitor prospective funds without exposing your own money
  • It's free to register
  • Free access to the competition for all qualifying portfolios shared and 3 monthly and 1 overall prizes to win
  • Create your own fun mini competition and invite friends and family to join you

Access 'Your Space' and view ALL your funds in one online account regardless of where they are held.

  • Our Your Space service allows you to view all of your Stocks & Shares ISAs and funds online, in one place, using a single set of log in details.
  • Save time and effort. Only one password to view all your funds.
  • Instant access to our latest research, valuations and performance charts.
  • It's free to register