General Investment Account (GIA)

Go beyond your ISA; invest an unlimited amount with a General Investment Account. Quick to set up and easy to manage, your GIA can help you achieve your long-term goals

What is a GIA?

A General Investment Account is a flexible account that allows you to hold a variety of investments. It's different from ISAs in two key ways:

  • There's no limit on how much you can invest
  • It doesn't come with the same tax benefits.

But just like an ISA, you can invest in Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and ETFs. It's also quick to set up and you can manage it online with our easy to use tools. And remember, just like any investment, its value can go down as well as up, so you might get back less than you invest.

GIAs are our second most popular account type. Take a look at our quick guide below to see if it's the account for you.

Is a GIA right for you?

Right for you if:
You’re over 18 and a UK resident
You’ve used up your annual ISA allowance
You want to invest an unlimited amount
Wrong for you if:
You want to invest in a tax efficient vehicle
You’re uneasy with any market volatility
You need the money in the short term

Take a look at the GIA FAQs for more information on this account.

No limit on how much you can invest
Ideal if you’ve used up your annual ISA allowance
Start with as little as £100
Invest in Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and ETFs

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