Portfolio management

Here you’ll find a number of useful articles, produced by our research team, on topics related to managing your portfolio.

The five most powerful virtues to help investors in a crisis

Published on 25 Mar 20 by Adrian Lowcock

Crises are always different, they have a different effect on the economy and indeed stockmarkets. It is because of this that we often feel like this time is different to previous crisis.


Three growth ideas for your ISA or SIPP

Published on 13 Mar 20 by Adrian Lowcock

Growth is a big part of investing and shares offer the potential for you to boost the value of your portfolio. However, growth is not guaranteed and you could get back less than you invested. 


Ideas to invest ethically this ISA season

Published on 02 Mar 20 by Adrian Lowcock

Ethical investing has become hugely popular in the last 5 years, with people such as Greta Thunburg, David Attenborough and the organisation Extinction Rebellion all challenging consumers, companies and the government to do more to fight climate change.


Five New Years Resolutions

Published on 31 Dec 19 by Adrian Lowcock

The New Year is a time to take stock. Think about the reasons you invest, what you are trying to achieve, and what your portfolio should look like.


Five Financial Gifts for Christmas

Published on 12 Dec 19 by Adrian Lowcock

With Christmas fast approaching, many parents will be busily trying to fulfil their children’s wish lists to Santa, but parents may want to do something more than simply add to the pile of toys in their children’s’ bedrooms.


‘Great rotation’ or great businesses?

Published on 09 Oct 19 by Guest

James Thomson, fund manager of Rathbone Global Opportunities fund, explains why he is sticking to a strategy of identifying quality stocks with resilient earnings and low debt.