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Market review for fourth quarter 2019 and the outlook

Published on 24 Jan 20 by Liz Rees

Markets began the quarter on the front foot as the US and China called a temporary truce to their trade wars. Donald Trump declared that it would produce a much-needed lift to the flagging world economy, investor sentiment warmed and stock markets across the globe rose, rounding off a year of impressive gains. 

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Chinese New Year – Is the Year of the White Rat a good time for investors?

Published on 22 Jan 20 by Adrian Lowcock

This year, the 25th January is start of the year of the White Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac. The rat is the first animal in the Zodiac and is seen as a good sign for the Chinese economy. 

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UK Election result – Conservatives win majority, what does it mean for investors?

Published on 13 Dec 19 by Adrian Lowcock

The pound was the first to react to the indications from the exit polls that the UK was headed for a Conservative victory. We look to see which companies are the immediate winners and losers and what the results mean for investors longer term. 

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Market commentary for 3rd quarter 2019 and the outlook ahead

Published on 17 Oct 19 by Liz Rees

The quarter began on a note of optimism as trade talks resumed between the US and China. There was no early breakthrough but the first US interest rate cut in 11 years spurred stock markets ahead in July.

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Markets Tumble as recession fears grow

Published on 03 Oct 19 by Adrian Lowcock

On Wednesday, the FTSE 100 fell 3.2% following the announcement of weak US manufacturing data on Tuesday evening. Here we explain the cause and what should you do. 

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Market commentary for 2nd quarter 2019 and the outlook ahead

Published on 25 Jul 19 by Liz Rees

Stock markets built on the gains of the first quarter, but this masks considerable month to month volatility as investors tried to interpret what ongoing political upheaval might mean for economic growth.

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Market commentary for 1st quarter 2019 and the outlook ahead

Published on 11 Apr 19 by Liz Rees

At the start of the year, safe haven assets, such as government bonds, were still in demand as investors weighed up the risks of an extended global economic slowdown. However, early dips in stock markets proved short-lived as bargain hunters emerged and January finished on the front foot.

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