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Save on time and paperwork by transferring your existing investments to Willis Owen

One login, all your investments

By transferring your Funds, Shares, Investments Trusts or ETFs to us, you'll be able to access, review and tweak all of your investments in one place.

As you may know, accessing multiple investments with different providers using several usernames and passwords is a lot of hassle. By moving it all into the Willis Owen Platform, you can use just one account to keep on top of everything.

If required, we'll also help you convert your Funds to the new 'Commission-excluded' share classes. So you'll only pay our transparent reduced rate.

Remember, our charges go down as your balance goes up. So the more you transfer, the more you save.

Why transfer to the Willis Owen Platform?

  • We can reduce the charges for Funds held on and off platform from around 1.5% to 1.15% for balances up to £50,000, and even less for larger sums
  • You can view all your investments in one place
  • You'll have access to our latest Fund research
  • You can save on paperwork by using our simple online tools
  • You can make use of our Customer Service Team's years of experience and expertise.

How do you transfer?

Once you've registered, open an ISA, SIPP or GIA or go to your existing account and select 'Transfer in'. Then all you need to do is download the form, print and sign it and send it back to us. You can also call us on 0800 597 2525 to order a pre-filled form listing all your Funds held under Willis Owen.

Keep in mind, transferring an ISA from a previous tax year won't have any effect on your current ISA allowance.

How long does a transfer take?

The length of time taken to transfer investments to the Willis Owen Platform will depend on whether it is a cash transfer (where your Funds are sold and transferred as cash) or a stock transfer (where your existing investment units/shares are brought across like for like).

Transfers usually complete within 30 days, but it can vary depending on the type of transfer, type of stock, provider and/or platform involved. The good news is more and more providers work via an electronic system which can cut your transfer time down to a matter of days, rather than weeks, in a lot of cases.

Cash transfers can take 2-3 weeks, in which time you will be out of the market for the duration of the transfer. During this period, your investments will be sold and await settlement. Dependent on the provider, a cheque may be raised and sent to us. We will bank the cheque and await clearance; once cleared your monies will be available to you for investment.

Stock transfers can take 4-6 weeks. As this is purely an administration change, you will not be out of the market at anytime, this is just platforms and providers exchanging data to amend their records.

Whichever type of transfer you make, once you get it started we'll handle everything, so you can focus on planning your investments.

While your transfer is in progress you will not be able to trade with the units/shares that you are transferring, however, your investments will remain within your product wrapper.

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