Monitoring your investments

Get the most out of your investments. Learn how and when to check in and steer them in the right direction

Like most things that grow, investments need regular care and attention. Achieving your goals means keeping a watchful eye on your Funds and doing what you can to keep them on track.

We suggest checking on their performance at least once a year. But ideally you should be checking more frequently, as the stock market constantly changes, so it's a good idea to make sure your investments are still in line with your goals.

At Willis Owen we provide a range of simple online tools that let you do just this. Because there's no reason why investing can't easily fit into your lifestyle.

How to monitor your investments

  1. Assess your portfolio's performance
    Start by checking your portfolio's returns. To do this you should look at whether it's on target to meet your goals, and whether it's performed as well as its benchmark over the same period.
  2. Evaluate your Asset Allocation
    It's worth checking to see if your portfolio is sufficiently diversified - are you invested in equity Funds only or other asset classes? If your portfolio was split up equally into equity and bond Funds, will this ratio be the same after a year? The performance of different Funds can vary, so over time your portfolio may change from how it started out. And keep in mind that your priorities might have changed since you first invested, so it's worth making sure your portfolio and plans are still right for you.
  3. Review your individual Funds
    Different Fund Managers perform well in different circumstances. And since your circumstances and those of your investments will have changed over time, it's important to check that each one is performing as well as it can.
  4. Review your future goals
    Don't forget the whole reason you began investing in the first place - to achieve your goals. It's essential to always have a clear idea of what these goals are and whether your portfolio is on track to achieve them. For example, if you're saving up for a new house, you'll want to check your portfolio is built for growth, rather than income.

A few tips for reviewing and achieving your goals:

  • Always make the most of your tax-free ISA allowance
  • Use our Portfolio x-ray to get a detailed report on how your portfolio is composed
  • Regularly review your portfolio and consider whether it's still in line with your goals.

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