Consolidating investments

Simplify your investments

Consolidating your investments onto the Willis Owen Platform can make managing and monitoring your portfolio far easier and more effective.

Lower service fee

Our platform operates on a tiered charging structure, so you will benefit from a lower, blended service fee as your portfolio value increases. By consolidating your investments you may even end up reducing the Willis Owen service fee.

We do not apply any administrative fees for moving your investments to the Willis Owen Platform so it won’t cost you anything to transfer to us. Though your existing provider may charge, so please be mindful of this.

How to transfer to the Willis Owen Platform?

You will need to register and apply for the relevant account on the Willis Owen Platform, if you haven’t already done so, in order to proceed with initiating a transfer.

Depending on the type of assets you hold and their availability on our platform, the method of transfer may differ for each asset. For instance, if the asset(s) you hold are also available on the Willis Owen Platform it could come across as ‘in-specie’. This means the asset will remain invested for the duration of the transfer and therefore will not be out of the market. If we do not offer an asset you hold, it will be transferred as a ‘cash transfer’, (your current provider will sell the asset to cash and then transfer the cash to the Willis Owen Platform, you can then invest in a similar or alternative asset). Whilst the cash transfer takes place you would be “out of the market” and would therefore not be subject to any fluctuations in market price.

When you have completed the transfer form, we will take care of which assets can come over as ‘in-specie’ or as ‘cash’. Additionally, once the transfer process is underway you retain the tax-efficient status of your investments. Once the transfer is completed, we will let you know.

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