Consolidating investments

Get the most out of your portfolio by consolidating your investments into one place

Simplify your investments with Willis Owen's consolidation service

Consolidating your investments onto one platform can help you cut down on paperwork, save you time and put you in complete control of your investments.

So, why consolidate to Willis Owen?

Using the Willis Owen Platform makes the process of taking control and keeping in touch with your investments easier than ever. It allows you to have a single-account view of your entire Fund and Share holdings, even those purchased elsewhere, resulting in considerably less paperwork.

And, importantly, Willis Owen applies no administrative charge whatsoever for moving your investments to the Willis Owen Platform.

Easy consolidation

For platform customers who wish to retain their existing holdings, the Willis Owen consolidation service enables simple Stock transfers (as long as we offer the investment) without the need to sell and buy back holdings. This avoids any initial charges and any potential risks from being out of the market.

If you hold your investments directly with the Product Provider themselves e.g. Jupiter, Invesco etc. then the chances are you will be in what's called 'Commission-included' Funds, whereby all charges are built into the Fund price. In this instance you would need to make a Cash transfer to the Willis Owen Platform, whereby you are able to purchase Funds again once monies from your original Product Provider have cleared into your Cash account.

There are just two simple steps to consolidate your assets onto the Willis Owen Platform:

Step 1: Open an account

Once you have made the decision to consolidate your investments you need to complete a transfer form. To do this you need to open an account via : invest. As part of the consolidation process you will have the option to select 'Transfer In' for contributing. This will provide you with access to download a transfer form for completion.

Remember the Willis Owen Platform charge reduces the more value you have with us. So the more Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts or ETFs you hold on our platform, the potential for further savings increases.

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Step 2: Complete a transfer form

Once you have registered for the Willis Owen Platform and opened the relevant product e.g. ISA, you can download a transfer form to complete. You can also request a pre-filled form by calling our Customer Service Team on 0800 597 2525; this form will list all your Funds presently held under Willis Owen.

On receipt of this form, we will provide you with more detail about the consolidation process, and we will send you any necessary paperwork for your signature.

Remember that only the Fund administration changes. You retain complete control and ownership of your Funds both during and after the consolidation process and the Fund Manager remains the same (if you choose to keep the same investments).

The platform may be exclusively online but you can still speak to a real person. Our friendly Customer Service Team are on hand to answer your queries and they are only a FREE phone call away on 0800 597 2525.

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