Managing your account

Your account summary

Once you’ve successfully opened your Smart Savings Account, you’ll have access to the Smart Savings area where you’ll find everything you need to manage your cash deposits.

In the top right hand corner of the screen you’ll see how much cash is available in your Hub Account to fund your chosen savings products or to withdraw. You’ll also see the account number and sort code for your Hub Account, which you’ll need when transferring-in money to fund your chosen products.

You’ll also see details of your active products and those which are ‘unfunded’ (waiting for you to transfer money into your Hub Account in order to fund them).

As well as this, you’ll also find a link to our marketplace, where you can browse all of the accounts on offer and choose the one that’s right for you. You’ll also be able to view all of the transactions relating to your account and to your chosen products so you can keep track of where all your money is.

Transferring money into your Hub Account

Transferring money into your Smart Savings Hub Account to fund your deposits is easy. Simply transfer money from a bank or building society account in your own name into your Hub Account using its own unique account number and sort code. You can only transfer money using the ‘Faster Payments’ transfer method. We can’t accept transfers by BACS or CHAPS at the moment, neither can we accept cash or cheques. Please be aware that it can take up to three business days for deposited money to appear in your Smart Savings Account.

Funding a product

You can apply for a product with money you already hold in your Hub Account or you can apply for the product first by ‘pledging’ an amount and then transfer money in later to fund your product.

If you apply for a product before transferring money into your Hub Account, your account will show a status of ‘awaiting funding’. Once your Hub Account contains enough money to cover a pledged deposit, your application will be submitted to your chosen partner bank. If you’ve applied for a number of products, they’ll be funded chronologically as you transfer money to your Hub Account.

Each account has a ‘funding window’ – the amount of time you have to fund the account following your application. You can find out what the funding window for each product within our marketplace is by looking at the associated product details. If you don’t fund an account within the funding window, your application will expire. Any deposits received after the funding window elapses will remain in your Smart Savings Account until you decide what to do with them.

Making withdrawals

If you want to make a withdrawal of available funds held in your Smart Savings Hub Account, you can do so through your account by selecting the ‘withdrawal’ option. You’ll then be shown the bank/building society details of your personal account, into which any withdrawals will be made and a box to enter the amount you want to withdraw. You won’t be able to withdraw any amounts that you’ve already pledged for the opening of another product.

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