Savings & charges calculator - SIPP

You can use the simple calculator below to work out the exact charges applicable to your SIPP investment and whether it would be cheaper to move to Willis Owen from your current provider.

  • We have assumed standard charges for Fund, Platform and Broker/Intermediary for SIPP investment, with the inclusion of an Annual SIPP Administration Fee which can exist
  • You can enter your own charges to get a personalised illustration
  • For a non-SIPP cost saving illustration, click here
Investment & Current Charges

Estimated monthly charges:

Current total cost:  £70.83
Current platform & broker:  £39.58
Current total cost %:  1.70%
New total cost:  £56.25
Total saving %:  20.59%
New platform & broker:  £25.00
Platform & broker saving %:  36.84%
New platform blended rate:  0.60% *
New total cost %:  1.35%

Annual saving:  £175
(1.70% to 1.35%)

  • The illustration of charges and saving are based on the above parameters
  • If you have other accounts with us, your blended rate will be calculated based on your total balance across all accounts, which might be lower than the illustration above
  • It is likely that the individual Fund charges might differ from the standard assumption but choosing a number that reflects your overall portfolio will give the best indication of total costs

* Blended platform rate calculation - SIPP

Tier Value in Tier Monthly Charge %
£0 to £50,000 £50,000 £25.00 0.60%
£50,001 to £100,000 0.40%
£100,001 to £250,000 0.25%
£250,000 + 0.15%
Totals £50,000 £25.00 0.60%

Additional charges may apply depending on your investment type, product type or trading activity. See our charges further information.

You can also call our Customer Service Team on 0800 597 2525 if you need any further information.

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