Willis Owen Customer Poll makes Headlines

Posted by Jason Chapman in Willis Owen news category on 04 Dec 13


Willis Owen was featured in the Sunday Express cautioning against a lifetime cap on ISA holdings that may be announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, quoting “A cap could dampen people’s desire to invest and save, while undermining wider efforts to encourage a greater savings culture and reduce reliance on easy credit.” View the full article.

Elsewhere, a poll of Willis Owen’s customers made headlines on online finance portals: the Financial Reporter, Morningstar UK and The Economic Voice. Here at Willis Owen we asked our customers whether they would support or oppose the £100,000 lifetime cap rumoured to be under consideration by the Treasury. 1,539 people responded and the results showed overwhelming opposition to the move, with 88.1% against, 6.8% undecided and only 5.1% in favour of the cap. We believe ISAs have been one of the few real success stories in getting people in the UK to save for the future – we should be building on this success, not scaling it back.

Willis Owen would like to thank all customers who took part in the poll.  Hopefully common sense will prevail and Government will leave this successful savings vehicle untouched.