Willis Owen Comments on Scotland’s Vote to Stay in the UK

Posted by Jason Chapman in Willis Owen news category on 19 Sep 14

Willis Owen has today responded to the ‘No’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum. Commenting on the result, Jason Chapman, Managing Director at Willis Owen, said:

 "The Scottish people have had their say, and after a nail-biting few weeks on uncertainty, a ‘No’ vote has been declared and sterling is surging as a result. Latest data illustrates this shot of confidence, with the pound hitting a two-year high against the euro this morning. Shares on the London stock market are rising as investors breathe a sigh of relief, with companies including RBS and Lloyds Banking Group confirming their continued commitment to stability and economic growth in the Union. 

As the focus now turns to potential further devolution in Scotland and next year’s general election,companies are preparing to gear themselves up for busy season as investors check their portfolio performances and keep a close eye on party policy. ISAs, SIPPS, savings and protections will continue to be top of the list for the watchful investor.

The referendum outcome has removed immediate concern from the markets, however, we need to see the extent of UK support for further devolution to Holyrood. Customers keen to see the impact the result has had on their portfolio performance should use our online tools for a full financial check-up."

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