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Posted by Jason Chapman in Portfolio management category on 17 Feb 14


With interest rates at an all time low, do you feel there is much of a choice? We thought we’d share with you some interesting statistics from a recent Barclays Study which illustrates the performance of equities against cash over various holding periods.

The first column in the table below shows that over a holding period of two years, equities outperformed cash in 75 of 112 years; thus, the sample-based probability of equity outperformance is 67%. Extending the holding period out to 10 years, this rises to 90%.

Holding period (years) 2 3 4 5 10 18
Outperform cash 75 77 79 81 94 95
Underperform cash 37 34 31 28 10 1
Total number of years 112 111 110 109 104 96
Probability of Shares Outperformance 67% 69% 72% 74% 90% 99%
Of course, like anything in life, the choice is not as clear cut as the figures above. You also need to consider many factors such as your appetite for investment risk, your existing split of cash and equities in your portfolio and the length of time you wish to hold these investments.

To assist your decision making a little further you may wish to view our Equities v Cash page which explains the main difference between the two a little further.

If you are interested in Cash ISAs, we would like to point out that when shopping around for the best rate, beware of short term headline rates that attract you to a product. Without careful monitoring you could be left with a Cash ISA with a poor interest rate.

If however, you are interested in a Stock and Shares ISA, don't forget you now have free access to Willis Owen’s Fund Space research tool, which will help assist you in coming to an informed decision on your choice of funds.

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