Morningstar ratings

Whether you’re cautious or adventurous, learning about the potential risks is essential to good investing

Who are Morningstar?

Morningstar is a leading global provider of independent investment research, conducted by a team of over 100 fund analysts worldwide. Morningstar is highly regarded by investment experts for its in-depth research which can help you assess different funds and their potential role in your investment portfolio. Their analysts employ a rigorous appraisal procedure which is reviewed on a regular basis.

They are highly experienced and recognised in the market as providing a clear focus for the investor through the quality, independence and depth of their research.

How do Morningstar operate?

Independence is key as it allows Morningstar to undertake research free from external influence, allowing them to remain impartial and thereby retain the integrity of their work.

Through their experienced and highly qualified team of analysts Morningstar conduct significant desktop research, which they enhance with face-to-face meetings with Fund Managers and senior executives from the Fund management businesses. This enables them to really understand what a Fund and its managers are seeking to achieve.

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