Meet Martin Scott

Martin Scott

As with many IT people, I got here because I found I was good at it, rather than it being my original goal when leaving full-time education.

I started out back in 1978 with what was then called Austin Rover Group as a Technical Apprentice. After qualifying as a Mechanical and Production Engineer and spending a few years in the thick of a fast-paced, can do (if not must do) environment, I found my skills were very transferable and ended up in Financial Services.

During my time in Financial Services I have worked in both employed and consultancy positions at Midshires Building Society, Clerical Medical Investment Group, Coventry Building Society and Egg Bank, to name but a few.

I am passionate about delivering outstanding Customer Service powered by technology. Our staff need to concentrate on having brilliant conversations with Customers and with effective systems, they are better placed to do this.

We need to listen to the voice of our Customers and build our processes and systems in a way that is sensitive to their needs and the needs of regulatory framework we work within.

When time allows, I'm passionate about playing Tennis and I think I've got quite good at it.

Head of Operations