Meet Jason Chapman

Jason Chapman

I didn't intend to do this! (How many of us start out a résumé like this!) my passion is most things mechanical, and that's where I started my career. It was by chance and a change of direction by my partner (business) that I came across an advert to join a Financial Services organisation back in 1988 - and in 1990 I moved to the Prudential, which is where my FS career really started.

The Pru were great at giving you the training and confidence needed in what was, and still is, a difficult industry. I have fond memories of those days.

In 2000 I joined Scottish Widows which also gave me an insight into to the Banking side of our sector, Lloyds TSB - however I felt I needed to move into the Independent Sector, and in 2003 I joined a National IFA firm.

I became a Director of that business having held a number of senior management roles during the last ten years.

During that time I started to work with Willis Owen, a great team and customer proposition which really interested me. Fortunately the opportunity arose for me to lead the business which I enjoy immensely.

I am passionate about doing the right things, creating businesses that are a pleasure to work in, and customers are delighted to engage with.

I also love motorcycles, my wife, and 3 children, keeping fit and watching movies.. although clearly not in that order!

Managing Director