Meet Eddie Johnson

Eddie Johnson

Having been in the Financial Services Industry all my working life; twenty five years goes very quickly indeed. Like lots of people in the 1980’s, I 'fell' into retail banking working for Barclays Bank; my roles were interesting and varied. Whilst retail banks don’t always get good press, their training is excellent and a great introduction to the industry. After having honed my skills within Premier Banking, (dealing with high net worth clients) and managing customer service teams, I felt ready to broaden my horizons.

Between 2001 and 2002, I decided to move into software testing in financial services. Having attained industry qualifications within the discipline, I worked on web projects for the likes of JP Morgan, Norwich Union and Lloyds TSB.

In 2003 I was asked to join Willis Owen. This was a completely different insight into the financial world. Having previously worked for large organisations, where processes were regimented and ideas were not freely encouraged. I flourished within a small team. Nothing was 'set in stone', if somebody had an idea they were asked to run with it and see if it worked. After 10 years at Willis Owen, this is still how it is. I have done almost every job within Willis Owen and still enjoy working for the business and helping it provide the right services for its investors.

Outside work? I plan to experience every major worldwide sporting event. Experiences so far have included seeing Europe win the Ryder Cup, Wimbledon Finals, Mo Farah win Olympic gold and Usain Bolt break the 100m world record. Next on the list is boxing in Vegas, watching not competing!

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