Terms of business - Third party

Willis Owen Platform

The Terms and Conditions and the Key Features Document are available to you via the Willis Owen Platform and should be read prior to entering into any transactions with us. If for any reason you are unable to download these documents we can send them to you. We suggest that you retain copies of these. If there is any part of these documents that is unclear to you then you should seek clarification.

By opening an account with the Willis Owen Platform you authorise us to appoint Embark Investment Services Nominee Limited as custodian of your investments including cash and provide execution for your investments. We reserve the right to arrange for your assets to be transferred to and held by an alternative custodian that Willis Owen may appoint.

We will send you an email to notify you of any updates. To view these updates you will need to log onto the Willis Owen Platform and view the ‘my messages’ section.

Details of our charges when investing via the Willis Owen Platform can be found within our website.

Aegon Platform

By investing via Aegon, you must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the Aegon Platform and the Platform Key Features Document.

All transactions occur electronically. Aegon no longer accepts paper application forms where an online process exists.

Details of our charges when investing via the Aegon Platform can be found within our website and our Aegon Charges section.

Other platforms

Willis Owen from time to time also transacts with other platforms, these may well have different Terms and Conditions and you should review the relevant T&C’s before proceeding.


When investing direct with a provider both Willis Owen and you must adhere to their Terms and Conditions. Willis Owen must fully adhere to the rules and regulations of the fund provider. We have no authority to amend these rules in any way.

Willis Owen no longer arranges new investment business directly with fund providers.