Tax relief calculator

Calculate the tax relief you could receive on your annual personal pension contributions.

Income and Contributions

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Your annual taxable income from earnings property and pensions

Enter the total of your taxable income from employment or self-employment, pensions or property. You can find details of your taxable employment income on your P60 if you have one. If you have income from property, enter the amount after deduction of the maximum £1,000 tax-free property income allowance if you're entitled to it. If you pay contributions to a workplace pension scheme which are taken out of your pay before tax is calculated (sometimes called 'net pay' pension schemes) or if your pension contributions are paid using salary sacrifice, remember that your taxable earned income will be lower than your headline salary figure

Your annual dividend income

Enter the total taxable income you receive in the form of dividends. Don’t include dividends received through ISAs and don’t worry about the tax-free dividend allowance, we’ll take care of that in the calculation.

Your annual taxable savings income

Enter the total taxable income you receive from savings in the form of interest. Don't include interest you receive on cash or investments held in ISAs and don’t worry about the tax-free personal savings allowance, we'll take care of that in the calculation.

How much are your currently paying into pensions personally?

Enter the total of annual personal contributions you’re already paying into pensions. Don't include contributions paid by your employer or through salary sacrifice arrangements. You can input the total 'gross' contribution (which includes the government 20% top-up) or, by ticking the 'Net contribution' checkbox, the amount you actually pay before the government top-up is added. For most workplace schemes where you agree to pay a percentage of your salary, the percentage is usually the gross amount of your contribution.

How much would you like to contribute now

Enter the amount of the lump sum contribution you would like to make now. You need to enter the 'net amount' which is the sum you actually want to pay, before the addition of the 20% government top-up.

Are you a Scottish Taxpayer?

If you live in one place during the tax year, and it’s in Scotland, you’ll normally be a Scottish taxpayer and will pay income tax on your earnings and pension income at Scottish rates. If you're a Scottish taxpayer, the tax code issued to you by HM Revenue & Customs will start with an 'S'.

Effective rate of tax relief

This is the percentage of your proposed gross contribution which is represented by tax relief. Depending on the level and type of your earnings, this could be anything between 20% and 60%.

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