Investment Trusts

Invest in Shares of multiple companies without having to manage each investment

What are Investment Trusts?

Investment Trusts are listed companies with Shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange. They invest in other companies’ Shares, as well as property, fixed-interest securities and unquoted securities.

Trusts have a board of directors who look after shareholder interests, and professional Fund Managers who look after each individual investment on your behalf.

They’re a popular choice because they tend to have competitive fees, and can sometimes trade at a discount to its net asset value. Like Shares, they are traded during stock market hours.

However, it’s essential to know if Investment Trusts are the right option for you before you commit to anything.

Are Investment Trusts right for you?

Right for you if:
You're 18 or over and a UK resident
You’re comfortable with the risk involved
You want to expand your investment options
Wrong for you if:
You're uncomfortable with market volatility
You think you'll get better returns with other options
If you’d like to invest in individual Shares

Before you begin

It's important to learn as much as you can before investing in Investment Trusts. Below are some pre-trading tips.

Ready to trade?

Simply register or log in to : invest. You’ll then need to decide which product such as an ISA or SIPP is best suited to you and then choose your Investment Trusts.

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