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Here we answer the most commonly asked questions about funds. After browsing our explanation of how they work you should feel better prepared to embark on your investing journey.

  • A Fund is a pool of money belonging to many investors and managed by a professional Fund Manager. Funds give you the opportunity to invest in a range of companies and spread risk even if you have quite small amounts to invest. All Funds have a specified investment objective which determines the manager’s aims and limitations.

  • There is a minimum age of 18 to trade.

  • Yes, once you have successfully opened an account. If you want to buy Funds simply add monies to your account and you can place a trade straight away.

  • Investing with Willis Owen is a purely online offering. Having decided on the Funds you wish to purchase you can simply set up an online account, if you haven’t already done so, and proceed to buy.

  • Willis Owen provides you with access to hundreds of Funds so whether you are looking for income or growth, UK investments or Japanese Smaller Company Funds, we should have something for you.

    : explore is the name of our research tool that enables you to search and compare Fund information, allowing you to thoroughly research existing or potential Funds for your portfolio. Once you know what you want to invest in, you can add this into the basket and purchase the Funds through : invest

  • There are no fees for buying or selling Funds, however, we do charge a service fee. Read about our charges in detail here.

  • You can place a trade at any time. Unlike share dealing, Funds are priced daily (usually around mid- day) on what is called a ‘forward pricing basis’, so you will not know the exact price you have received until the trade is executed at the next available trading point.

  • The buying process is simple. Once you have decided which Fund you wish to buy: 

    • Within : invest summary, under 'Select an action' click on Purchase Fund.
    • Type in the Fund Name you would like to purchase (alternatively, if you've added Funds through : explore it should appear in this page)
    • Enter the value you wish to purchase and click 'Add to instruction'
    • Once you have read the Key Investor Information Document, you can tick the boxes and press 'Confirm'

    You will be taken to the Pending Orders page and your deal will be placed in a queue and dealt with at the next available trading point.

  • You may decide to sell Funds at some point in the future.

    • Within : invest summary, under 'Select an action' click on View valuation
    • Select the Fund you wish to sell and under 'Select an action' click Sell
    • Select whether you want to sell Units or Sell Cash Value
    • Enter the value you wish to sell accordingly and click 'Add to instruction'
    • Select where you want your Sale proceeds to go
    • Tick the box to confirm you wish to proceed and press 'Confirm'

    You will be taken to the Pending Orders page and your deal will be placed in a queue and dealt with at the next available trading point.

  • You will find Funds that are available as Income units, others as Accumulation units and some that are available as both. The general rule of thumb is if you are looking for income you should choose the Inc version of the Fund as these units pay out income to investors.

    Growth investors should choose the Acc units as any income generated by the Fund is retained and reinvested in the Fund. This reinvestment does not alter the number of units you hold in the Fund but the price of the units will increase.

  • No - you can trade as little as 1p.

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