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The Willis Owen Platform enables you to open 4 different products, within which you can invest in Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds.

Below are the options open to you:

Invest in an ISA and benefit from tax-free investing

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

There are 20,000 good reasons to invest with one of our Stocks & Shares ISAs. Ideal for long-term investing, this tax-free solution offers you a share in the stock market’s growth and fluctuations, all managed online 24/7.

Browse the Funds and Shares on offer, make the most of our help, test the waters with our : play tool, and take charge of your financial future today.

Annual allowance of £20,000
No Income or Capital Gains Tax
Start with as little as £25
Invest in Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and ETFs

Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

Look after your savings, so they can look after you. A Self Invested Personal Pension puts you in control of your retirement funds, so you can decide when, where and how your money is invested.

Build your pension tax-efficiently, make the most of our help and experience, manage your SIPP online and take charge of your retirement.

Build your pension Fund tax-efficiently
Manage online, with 24/7 access
Apply in just 10 minutes, with as little as £25
Invest in Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and ETFs
Take control of your retirement with our SIPP
Give your child the start they deserve with a tax-free Junior ISA

Junior ISA (JISA)

Give your child more than a savings pot. With one of our Junior ISAs, you can set them on the path to financial fluency. Invest up to £4,368 tax-free with a Stocks & Shares JISA, and build financial confidence with our expert help and easy to use online management.

You can choose from Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and ETFs. But most importantly, you can choose a brighter financial future for your child.

Invest up to £4,368 a year
Free from Capital Gains and Income Tax
Manage your investments online with ease
A wide range of investment options to support your child’s future

General Investment Account (GIA)

Go above and beyond your ISA with a General Investment Account. Invest as much as you want, browse Funds, face market volatility and build your own investment portfolio with our user-friendly online management tools.

Take a look at all the investment options available, take advantage of our expertise, and take the next step towards owning your financial future.

No limit on how much you can invest
Ideal if you’ve used up your annual ISA allowance
Start with as little as £25
Invest in Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and ETFs
Invest without limits with a General Investment Account