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From ISAs to SIPPs and Funds to Shares : invest lets you purchase the right investment products for you, so you can own your financial future.

invest lets you purchase the right investment products for you, so you can own your financial future

Ready to trade?

Make a swift, simple and secure start to achieving your goals with our range of low-cost, easy-to-access accounts.

Buy and sell your investments online or switch them around without paying high charges or dealing with multiple Fund Managers. Transfer existing investments to Willis Owen and save time and effort by holding your entire portfolio in one place.

Open an account with either a lump sum from a debit card or a monthly Direct Debit (minimum monthly amount is £25).

So whether you want to make the most of an ISA's tax benefits or take personal care of your retirement fund with a Self Invested Personal Pension, : invest is the place to start.

Making the right decision

Before you begin, read below to make sure investing is right for you. And remember, we're always happy to give you the facts so you can make informed decisions.

Right for you if:
You want access to Funds, Shares, Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
You'd like to manage your account online
You're after the lowest operating costs with Willis Owen
You're comfortable with the investment risks involved
You want to make the most of our full range of Products and Services
You're over 18 and a UK resident.
Wrong for you if:
You'd rather have the account managed by post
You want joint accounts
You're concerned about volatility
You want a business account
You want a designated account.

Select the best account to help you achieve your goals

Choosing your account

Select the best account to help you achieve your goals. If you're looking for tax-free investing, go for a Stocks & Shares ISA, but remember it has a limit of £20,000. Or kick-start your child or grandchild's financial future by investing up to £4,368 tax-free with a Junior ISA.

If you'd rather have no limits, a GIA lets you buy and sell any of our investment options with no maximum investment amount. And while it doesn't come with the same tax benefits as an ISA, you can add or withdraw money at any time.

Saving for your retirement? Choose a SIPP and take control of your pension fund. You'll decide how and when your money is invested and how you take the benefits. What's more, you get tax relief on pension contributions, and your SIPP will grow free from Capital Gains and Income Tax.

Remember, tax benefits depend on your circumstances, and tax rules can change.

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