Cazenove funds renamed

Posted by Jason Chapman in Fund and industry updates category on 05 Mar 14


From 24 March 2014, all Cazenove funds will be prefixed with "Schroder" and many will have the remaining part of their names slightly amended too. 

The administration fees on these Cazenove Capital funds will also be brought in line with the fees charged on Schroders' existing UK range.  Administration fees will be 0.15% p.a. on all funds except for the UK Corporate Bond, which will charge 0.10% p.a.  This will mean a slighly higher ongoing fee than previously paid as Cazenove funds.

Fund Name New Fund Name Effective Date
Cazenove UK Opportunities Fund Schroder UK Opportunities Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove European Fund Schroder European Opportunities Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Strategic Bond Fund Schroder Strategic Credit Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove UK Growth and Income Fund Schroder Core UK Equity Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove UK Smaller Companies Fund* Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Companies Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove UK Corporate Bond Fund Schroder UK Corporate Bond Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove UK Equity Income Fund Schroder UK Alpha Income Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Managed Portfolio Fund Schroder MM Managed Portfolio Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Absolute UK Dynamic Fund Schroder Absolute UK Dynamic Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Multi-Manager Diversity Fund Schroder MM Diversity Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Multi-Manager Global Fund Schroder MM International Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Multi-Manager UK Growth Fund Schroder MM UK Growth Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Diversity Income Fund Schroder MM Diversity Income Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Multi-Manager Diversity Tactical Fund Schroder MM Diversity Tactical Fund 24/03/2014
Cazenove Multi-Manager Diversity Balanced Fund Schroder MM Diversity Balanced Fund 24/03/2014
 *Cazenove UK Smaller Companies Fund - closed to new monies 21/01/2014

Following this acquisition, we understand that Schroders will look to simplify their fund range and a series of fund merges are likely to take place in 2014 (subject to approval).  The funds affected are likely to have similar objective and/or overlapping stocks.

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