Axa Framlington Health Fund Manager Change

Posted by Jason Chapman in Fund and industry updates category on 01 Aug 14

Axa Framlington Health

Axa said Ms Game, who joined the firm in October 2007 and had managed the Axa Framlington Health fund since 2011, was leaving to pursue another opportunity.

In a statement, Axa said: “We are looking to recruit a replacement manager and in the meantime Gemma will continue to be involved in the running of the Axa Framlington Health fund.”

So what's the impact?

The fund's Morningstar OBSR Analyst Rating™ has now been placed 'under review'. The fund previously held a Bronze rating. Morningstar OBSR commented that Gemma Game had been the key driver of the fund’s success in recent years and they view her departure as a loss to the fund. In the interim period prior to her replacement, Mark Hargraves, Head of Continental Europe, will assume responsibility for the fund, and will be assisted by biotechnology fund manager Linden Thomson.

Morningstar OBSR will review the fund in due course once a permanent replacement has been appointed.

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