Attitudes to risk

Posted by Jason Chapman in Portfolio management category on 28 Apr 15

With a whole host of options available, saving and investing can sometimes appear a complex and complicated business, and not without risk. But evidence shows that when adopted sensibly, and with appropriate research, the complexity can be understood. A mix of assets can help reduce risk and can lead to higher returns in the long-term.

How does this measure up across the UK? To find out, we commissioned a leading national polling firm to chart the UK’s attitudes to financial risk taking. The results are fascinating.

  • 1 in 5 (21%) in the UK are prepared to take at least some risk with finances to secure better returns.
  • This is a marked increase from previous years where only 15% were prepared to take risks in 2014 and only 14% in 2013.
  • In comparison, only 16% of the baby boomer generation (aged 55+) expect to save or invest more in the next year

People in the UK are becoming more confident taking at least some level of risk in their savings and investment plans to reap the benefits of good returns. This comes at a time when more people have reported feeling more positive about their finances and suggests that, on the whole, people feel better off than in previous years.

Regionally, the results vary considerably. Top of the list is not who you might expect, with Southampton having 28% of people willing to take a reasonable amount of financial risk for good returns. In London, 27% of people were willing to take some risk, while Glasgow had the third largest proportion at 25%.

At the bottom of the list, Liverpool had the smallest percentage of people willing to take risks at 13%, followed by Nottingham (16%) and Manchester (16%).


We want to know what you think.  You can let us know by taking part in our poll.  Simply select the option which most closely matches your attitude to risk to savings and investments.

I am willing to take little or no risk with my savings and investments:
Little or no risk        
I am willing to take a reasonable amount of financial risk, provided there is a good chance of return:
Reasonable risk      
I am willing to take substantial financial risk to earn substantial returns – risk means opportunity:
Substantial risk        

Opinium Research conducted an online survey from the 13th to 16th February 2015, amongst 2,001 UK adults aged 18+. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.