Starter portfolios

Our in house research team have come up with a range of starter portfolios which are designed to help you get started in deciding where to invest your money. These are a blend of high quality Funds which our team think complement each other.

You can choose between portfolios made up of actively managed Funds, passive Funds or Funds selected to generate an income. We have provided a range of options designed for cautious, balanced and adventurous investors and which are intended to be held for the medium to long term. You can switch between the different types of portfolios below.

Starter portfolios are designed for investors who either have the confidence or who feel that with support they could gain the confidence, to manage their portfolio on an ongoing basis. If you are looking for a solution where you can leave ongoing management of your investments to a professional, take a look at our Multi-Asset Fund options. It is important that you regularly review your investments to ensure they remain appropriate for your needs as we will not manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis. If you are unsure, you should seek regulated financial advice.

Having reviewed the different portfolios, you can either Purchase Funds, or add to a Play Portfolio.

We haven't assessed your attitude to risk or objectives and haven't made a personal recommendation. You are responsible for choosing and managing your investments.


Portfolios consisting of Funds which are actively managed by professional Fund Managers who decide where and how to invest in line with the Fund’s objectives.

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Portfolios consisting of passively managed Funds. These Funds track the performance of certain markets and indices (for example the FTSE 100).

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Regular Income

A portfolio of Funds that is designed to provide a reasonable level of regular income with the potential that your capital may grow over time.

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We have not determined your attitude to investment risk or taken into account your personal circumstances, investment time horizon or objectives and this information does not constitute a personal recommendation. Overall responsibility for choosing and managing your investments sits with you.