Multi-Asset Funds

Multi-asset funds can offer a ready-made portfolio option for those who are not confident and who may prefer a professional making the investment decisions. Even then it is still important that you regularly review your investments to ensure they remain appropriate for your needs but with multi-asset fund solutions, the fund manager will manage the portfolio to stay in line with its chosen objectives. If you are a more confident investor and want more of a hands-on approach to managing your portfolio, take a look at our range of starter portfolios.

Multi-asset funds invest in a wide range of assets including shares, bonds, cash and other funds. This helps to diversify your investments, more so than investing in a single type of asset or geographic region.

Our in house research team, using data from our expert research partner Morningstar, have come up with a list of their favoured multi-asset fund options which are aligned to the needs of investors with different objectives.

You can choose between actively or passively managed solutions. With actively managed funds, the fund manager can choose individual shares as well as deciding how to blend these together to achieve the fund’s objectives. Passive funds on the other hand, invest in instruments that track the performance of certain markets (for example, the FTSE 100) and will also decide how to blend these together to achieve the fund’s objectives. Passive funds tend to have lower costs.

We have provided a range of options for different investment styles designed for cautious, moderate and adventurous investors and you can switch between these below.

We haven't assessed your attitude to risk or objectives and haven't made a personal recommendation. You are responsible for choosing and managing your investments.
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