Retirement Planning Guide

Planning for retirement can seem like a daunting task but it is important to think about how you are going to support yourself financially in your later years.

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Choose your own investments

You can choose between a wide range of funds, shares, investment trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Find out more about each below or take a look at our Focus 50, which is designed to make the process of researching and picking funds easier.

Willis Owen Focus 50

A list of well regarded funds across a broad range of sectors. The Focus 50 is chosen by the Willis Owen research team using insight from our expert research partner Morningstar. It aims to make building your portfolio easier by taking some of the work out of your research process.

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Investors’ money is pooled together and managed by a fund manager or a team of professionals who will invest in assets such as shares, bonds or property, in line with the fund’s objectives. Funds are usually priced daily, and any buying or selling is carried out at the next dealing point. Investing in funds helps you to diversify your investments to manage risk.

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Equity Investments

We offer a wide selection of shares, investment trusts and exchange traded funds. You can research your options here and can buy at the latest quoted prices once you have opened your account


Owning shares means you become a part-owner of a company. We give you access to a range of shares (traded in sterling) listed on the London Stock Exchange. Share prices may rise and fall throughout the day when the stock exchange is open. Share prices can be volatile and investing in individual companies can be risky.

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Investment Trusts

Investment trusts are public listed companies which aim to make money by investing in shares, bonds, property or other assets. They have a board of directors who look after shareholder interests, and professional fund managers who make the day-to-day investment decisions in line with the investment trust’s objectives. They can trade at a discount or premium to the value of the underlying assets and can borrow to invest which may increase risk.

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Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are passive investments which typically track and replicate the performance of a range of different indices (for example, the FTSE 100). They offer a high level of transparency as they declare their holdings daily. ETFs can be bought or sold on markets such as the London Stock Exchange.

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