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Although you should find investing with Cofunds simple, you may have some specific questions about the terminology used. So we have put together this series of frequently asked questions to help you. If you've read the following and still have a burning question don't hesitate to call our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help.

We have separate sections within our site regarding charges and how to pay fees through Cofunds, the frequently asked questions below are predominantly regarding their online service.

  • We still fully support the Cofunds Platform for existing customers or for new customers who are unwilling or unable to embrace a fully online proposition.

    Our move to the delivery of our own platform was for the following reasons:

    • The ability to offer a wider set of investment options which now includes Shares, Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds
    • The provision of a Self-Administered Pension Plan to enable our customers another tax efficient savings option linked to retirement
    • Provision of a cheaper charging proposition through a platform that requires less manual intervention enables us to pass on those savings to our customers.
  • Cofunds is the UK’s leading investment platform and currently administers over £77.5 billion* of investors' money. They offer an award winning investment administration service to intermediaries that enables us to pass on some great benefits to you, the investor including:

    • A single account view of your investments across a range of investment products
    • Access to a huge Fund range from all the UK's leading Fund Managers
    • The ability to switch between hundreds of Funds quickly and cost-effectively
    • A streamlined application process resulting in considerably less paperwork
    • Online access to your portfolio

    The business was launched in 2001 and is wholly owned by Aegon Group, the international pensions, life assurance and asset management company. Today, Cofunds is established as a leading investment platform in the UK and has been recognised through numerous industry awards.

    *Source: Cofunds June 2016

  • Online portfolio access enables you to log in and access information about the investments held on the Cofunds Platform via Willis Owen. You can use the service to:

    • Get a portfolio valuation
    • Check your transactions
    • Buy, sell and switch Funds
    • Access correspondence and much more.
  • The Online Investor Service is included in the overall cost of investing through Cofunds.

  • Cofunds take security very seriously and its website uses the latest 'encryption' technology to ensure the highest levels of protection of your details. Additionally, Cofunds follows strict and proven procedures when providing access to the website ensuring your log-in details are kept safe.

    For example, when you log in you use a 'secure' connection and your web browser should show a yellow padlock symbol (usually at the bottom right hand corner of the web browser, this can vary depending on the web browser you use). To find out further details of the protection provided you can click on this padlock symbol.

  • The valuation feature provides you with a consolidated value of your portfolio of investments held on the Cofunds Platform. It also breaks down your portfolio Fund-by-Fund. Your valuation is updated at the close of each working day and is supplied with a print friendly option for you to print and inspect when not using a computer.

  • The transaction history feature enables you to view the transactions for each holding you have on the Cofunds Platform. You can view the date, the type (such as buying new Funds), the price, units/shares affected by the transactions and any charges that have been applied. Transactions usually appear on the website several working days after they have been confirmed and processed, depending on the type and product.

  • The 'My Correspondence' page holds print friendly copies of your half yearly statements and annual Consolidated Tax Vouchers that we also send to you in the post.

  • Registration is open to investors who already have investments placed on the Cofunds Platform via Willis Owen. To register select ‘My accounts’ at the top of this page and then select ‘Cofunds platform.’ You will then need to select the ‘Cofunds Platform’ button and click on the word Register.  From here you will be asked to enter your client reference number, date of birth, postcode and your email address.

  • You should receive an email confirming we have received your registration request shortly after you complete the registration form. For security reasons, a letter with your temporary password is usually sent within 5 working days. If you do not receive a confirmation email or letter please re-register. If you continue to experience problems with registration please contact Willis Owen.

  • To log in to the service select ‘My accounts’ at the top of this page and then select ‘Cofunds Platform’, you then enter your customer number, date of birth and password in the log in screen.

  • If you forget your password you can request a new password using the 'forgotten password' link on the log in page. Please remember that when you receive a new password email, it will only be valid for 2 hours.

    If you find that your log in details are still not valid, it may be because you have requested a new password or re-registered and are using an old password. Please remember that when you request a new password, your original password will become invalid. This may also happen if we send you a temporary password in the post, but you register again after Cofunds send you that password. In this case, use the most recently received password.

  • Cofunds fully tests and supports the website using Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, 10 and 11, however, the site should work on most mainstream browsers.

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