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Willis Owen service is second to none. Personal relationships are excellent. The team are so knowledgeable. I trust them.

Steve, Coventry

My advice to anyone interested in managing their live portfolio - or who is wondering about whether to invest - is "give : play a go". Take a little time to explore how to use the research tools, such as the performance figures and charts for each Fund and the different sectors. : play is a great aspect of Willis Owen's online services. Like with many computer games, you can indulge in a fantasy - as a speculator investing in funds you probably wouldn't dare to risk in your live portfolio. It's fun and it's safe but, as well as that, it's a way of learning about the various funds available and the helpful research tools available in : explore on the website. There's nothing to lose and possibly a whole lot to gain. Using : play has definitely boosted my confidence. When I started, I didn't imagine I might choose any of my : play funds for my live portfolio but now I'm now seriously thinking I will.

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Jacqueline, Cambridge

Willis Owen want to make you feel valued. I'd give them 10/10 for effort.

Having someone to help at the end of the phone if I need it and the ability to hold all my investments in one place is valuable.

John, Kent

I could not have wished for a better service.

Leslie, Gwent

I have had to phone your company several times and everyone I have spoken to has given excellent customer care.

Jeanette, Prescot

The Willis Owen research tool : explore was absolutely fantastic and assisted me greatly when comparing funds for investment.

Michael, Oldham

When I was growing up it was all about forming relationships with businesses and partners and getting to know individuals within the business. What I like about Willis Owen is that you can still create a relationship with the company even though I use the online service for the majority of my deals.

I used to go through a financial adviser but they take 5% and I thought to myself I've been doing this long enough now to understand how to do it myself. I've just moved over to the platform, which is a good thing as it's so easy to buy and sell. But it can be bad because you start to tinker too much with the funds. I learnt my lesson last year and am going to sit back and leave it alone.

Service is what makes Willis Owen stand out and makes you stay once you are a customer.

John, Livingston

I have been with you for some time and always had excellent service via the telephone, every different operative over the years has been equally efficient.

Ronald, Reading

The trouble with many national and regional firms these days is having to dial so many extra digits and having to follow robotic instructions, or having to wait several days for an email reply. With Willis Owen, you can forget both of these frustrations as there is always a live human being at the end of the phone and emails are swiftly addressed. The company has successfully built on its reputation for customer care, courtesy and speedy problem-solving. Long may it continue!

Graham, Devon

Willis Owen Customer Service Team have been unfailingly helpful and polite and I really appreciate it.

John, Surrey

I really value the telephone service from Willis Owen, as a technophobe I find many companies try to avoid anyone talking on the phone. For complex investment issues, for me it is essential - keep it up.

David, Swindon

Excellent service from Willis Owen but liked Gemma's interpersonal skills and product knowledge plus the willingness to chase up third party and find the stage my transaction was at. Top marks Willis Owen and thank you for great service over a number of years.

Edward, Burnley

Excellent prompt service, letter arrived next day as promised.

Alison, Bramhall