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Latest Investment Association statistics reveal even ISA season cannot reverse outflows from the UK

Posted by Adrian Lowcock in Press releases category on 06 Jun 19

  • Net retail sales rose to £2bn for first time since April 2018
  • UK continues to remain unloved as Brexit drags on
  • Global equities remain top selling sector of 3rd consecutive month with £971m of sales
Adrian Lowcock, head of personal investing comments: 

“Even ISA season cannot reverse the trend  of money flowing out of the UK although it did seem to help slow the flow as the all companies sector posted positive flows (of £99m) for the first time since March 2017. This was offset by outflows in UK Equity Income and smaller companies.  But can anyone be surprised - Brexit remains unresolved and a solution to the problem remains even more elusive. Under these circumstances markets and investors are going to wait before they allocate more money to the UK.” 

“Global equities remain popular amongst investors and indeed seems to be attracting money from regional equity sectors as the developed markets of US, Europe and Japan all saw net outflows. Investors also moved to more defensive assets as bonds were the best-selling asset class.  Given markets had rallied quite strongly since the beginning of the year a bit of profit taking and repositioning ahead of the quieter summer period makes some sense.”