Meet Shannon Hindle

Shannon Hindle

What our customers say:

Shannon was possibly the most courteous and helpful person I have EVER dealt with in financial services, 5 stars.

When I first left school, I wasn’t too sure on what I wanted to do or become. I started originally working within customer services part time to see if it was an area I would like to try and progress in and quickly enough I ended up enjoying every minute of it. Since then I have always worked within Customer Services/Admin and it has really helped me understand every customer’s needs and the ability to handle all queries as there is always a solution for every obstacle that comes your way.

Working within financial services has been a keen interest of mine. I worked with a financial advisor as administration support prior to starting at Willis Owen which helped me gain knowledge within the financial sector and the ever-changing stock markets.

Willis Owen have been a very welcoming team and have helped me towards learning the most I can about the financial environment and excelling my Customer Service skills as much as possible.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family, go out with friends and plan holidays as I love to explore and see new places!

Platform Co-ordinator