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Meet Alex Rees

Alex Rees

The psychological aspect of digital marketing grasped my interest well over 10 years ago now, whilst working as a Business Analyst at Screwfix. Ever since, I’ve found it an incredibly rewarding area to work in, and a constantly evolving frontier. One must admit the change in digital is often over-estimated, the core principles of putting the customer and common-sense first have always reaped rewards for me.

My digital education started at the Searchworks, one of the first and most successful PPC agencies which I had the good fortune to join soon after graduating. There I learned the nuts and bolts of paid advertising, the importance of attention to detail, good analysis and asking how someone is at the start of an email. From there I spent some time at Acxiom where I discovered the power of big data and personal profiling, helping Acxiom, to transition from a strictly analogue company to a digital service provider in the UK.

Agency life never suited me, as I found we bore the brunt for anything that went wrong and never got proportional credit for success. Client lunches were great fun though. Keen to build something of my own, I started looking for companies where I could put into practise the knowledge learned to date, turning a cat tracking startup into a million pound plus turnover business as well as helping to launch Wayfair in the UK. All of this culminated in being given responsibility for running Ocado’s digital marketing where I was able to help them generate record breaking growth, and significantly reduce their cost of acquiring customers.

Outside of work I enjoy pretty much anything that involves being outdoors. I became a father for the second time last year to two young boys who keep me busy and amused. Away from the kids I’ve recently discovered yoga and am slowly becoming obsessed with the NFL.

Head of Digital