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Meet Alex Newman

Alex Newman

There is nothing I enjoy more than working with people.

I consider myself a seasoned Customer Service Executive and I personally believe there is no such thing as difficult customers - just ones who have not received a satisfactory response yet.

Whilst I have learned many things working on the frontline, there are two core mantras I stick to when dealing with people:

"It's not what you say, it's how you say it"

"The first 20 seconds are the most important"

People are more likely to remember bad customer service than good, and after seeing Willis Owen's customer reviews - a five-star team, delivering five-star customer service, there was no questioning it; this company was the ideal fit for me.

When not at work, I can most likely be found in one of two places: Cycling around London and the Home Counties or at Anfield cheering on the mighty Liverpool Football Club.

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